Dr. Gail
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Psychotherapy works.

The top three reasons why people come into therapy are:
1. Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Couples Counseling

We all suffer from emotional issues at some time in our lives. Dr. Gail understands that the intensity of our emotional pain varies according to circumstances, genetics, chemical imbalances, personality type and so on. But pain is pain and you don’t have to live your life in pain.

Dr. Gail can and wants to help you. With 25+ years as a clinical psychologist, she has seen and treated so many individuals all with no judgment or surprise. She has developed successful techniques that come with years of experience.She has treated many adult disorders such as bipolar, borderline, clinical depression, generalized anxiety and addiction. Clients also come in for adult, life-changing issues such as empty nest, job change, children coming or going, elderly parents, retirement, the list goes on.

Couples counseling tends to be hard work, yet worth the effort. Being in a bad relationship takes so much mental energy; why not use that same energy to become happy and fulfilled in your relationship? Couples counseling is a commitment that has proven to be quite successful.

My Place of peace

Individual or couples therapy is very beneficial in reconstructing unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns that develop for various reasons. If you are willing to work at it, your life can get better.

Dr. Gail gives all of her clients paperwork to turn into their insurance companies for possible reimbursement. Dr. Gail understands psychotherapy can be costly but she also believes you are worth it.

Dr. Gail prefers to see clients in her office but will Skype or do phone sessions when necessary.  Dr. Gail co-hosted a psychological radio show, Sunday Sessions, for 3 years that covered many, many psychological topics.  These shows are still podcast cast on www.wjr.com.  Many clients find answers by listening to these podcasts.