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"Gail has not only once, but twice made presentations to our Network Members across North America. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and professionalism, along with the material and information she shared was well received and enjoyed by our Franchise Members."
-Dirk Nelson, Vice President of Operations - Allegra Network, LLC

"Dr. Gail Majcher is a dynamic and talented communicator who I have had the pleasure of working with on many occasions.  She is a true edu-tainer who knows how keep any audience focused and wanting more.  Dr. Gail would be an asset to any organization she chooses to affiliate herself with.  She is one of those rare individuals you know you can trust after just hearing her speak for a few minutes!"
-Mary DiPaolo, M.A., LLP - Co-host on "Sunday Sessions" with Dr. Gail, still podcast on WJR.com

"Dr. Gail, through her speaking engagements and her own personal story teaches people how to think differently and respond in a less anxious way, to transform their draining doubts, fears, and anxieties into powerful, positive energy and newfound freedom."
-Bobbi Visco, From Saddle Shoes To Jimmy Choo's


"Dr. Gail Majcher has a wonderful way of sharing information with humor and honesty.  Her knowledge and experience are so evident and she is in touch with her audience the entire time. Our organization has repeatedly asked for Dr. Majcher to return and speak."
- Linda Pelliccioni, Business Coach


"Dr. Gail's energy and enthusiasm engage the audience from the get-go, and she carries them along with excellent facts and great humor. Her seminars are not to be missed.  Knowledgable, inspiring and entertaining describe Dr Gail. She is a gifted speaker whose passion for her subject is contagious. Always in touch with her audience, you feel like she is speaking just you. Want to enhance your life?  Spend a day with Dr. Gail."
-Judith Silverman, M.A.

About the Book:

"This book is a must read not just for the victims of abuse but for those who care for them.  It puts a real face to the statistics and "book leaning."  If a beautiful, bright articulate woman can get caught up in this horror, it could also be your client, your neighbor, your sister…yourself.  Read it for your professional growth, read to save someone you love."
-Dr. Diane Morgan, Psychologist and Author

"A Worthy Woman is indispensable for healthcare professionals as first points of contact for many victims.  The knowledge gained from this book will inspire heightened awareness and compassion, ultimately saving lives."
-Cheryl Starr RN, MBA - Director of Mental Health at FL Psychiatric Hospital