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Keynote Speaking

When delivering a keynote address, Dr. Gail typically speaks for just under an hour. She will cater her speech to best fit the needs of her audience with her wealth of psychological information and experience as a life coach through engaging stories.

Most often Dr. Gail is asked to speak about overcoming adversity, a topic very near her heart. Her book, A Worthy Woman, speaks about triumph over domestic violence. She holds firm beliefs that we do not have to be identified by the scars we carry; rather we can take those experiences and excel because of them.

The topic most requested is how to overcome any difficulty in our life and become better because of the experience.  She discusses key components that can be used by anyone.


Relationships are the basis of all of our interactions.

Dr. Gail Be it in the corporate world, industrial business, churches, families, couples etc. The key to effective relationships in any venue is learning how to understand the four distinct personality types.

All people fit into one of these categories. The best way to gain and retain this relationship altering knowledge is through an interactive. educational and lively workshop. Dr. Gail teaches you how to communicate with each personality type effectively. These skills that can be used personally and/or in business. She uses techniques to accommodate the needs of each personality type.

After so many years of public speaking, Dr. Gail gets it! No glazed-over eyes in her audience. Each workshop is designed for your group’s specific needs. Some corporations prefer weeklong seminars, while other businesses have three hours to get the job done. Her goal is always to accomplish the most within the time she’s given.

To inquire about setting up a workshop, email DrGail@DrGail.com or call 248-348-5050..