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"This book needs to be out there for everyone.  It's educational, inspirational and heartbreaking.  It is written in a way that will interest everyone who picks it up and they won't even realize they're being educated.  A must read." -Denise Brown Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation

A Worthy Woman:
Victory over Domestic Violence
A True Story and Self-Help Book

A Worthy Woman is a compelling true story about overcoming domestic violence as well as an informative self-help book for the victim, the abuser and the parents of the children involved in the abuse.

In her early 20's, Dr. Gail found herself escaping from a violent marriage with two babies and no education or money. But she found a way to overcome when all odds were against her. She believes that if she could do it with so much pressing against her, so can you. Dr. Gail's motivational stories have impacted thousands of people. Their stories have reinforced her belief that each one of us can go forward in spite of the various traumas we experience in life. Little did Dr. Gail realize that overcoming domestic violence so long ago was just the beginning of many challenges that have occurred throughout her lifetime. We can become bitter or better. It is not easy but it is our choice.

"A powerful book, I recommend it highly." -Dr. Wayne Dyer
Author and Motivational Speaker